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One of the very best periods to fish for crappie is during the spawning season, which normally the beginning of spring. Nevertheless, spring can bring rains, which can disrupt the typical pattern of crappie. This might likewise affect the way you fish, however not to worry, as fishing after heavy rain is still possible!

Read on as I go over how heavy rainfall impacts crappie behavior and how you can still go crappie fishing after heavy rain.

Crappie Fishing After Heavy Rain

Did you just experience heavy rainfall and planned to go crappie fishing that day? Don't worry, there's still a possibility you'll get a catch, depending on how the fish were affected.

Unfortunately, chances are slim when catching crappie at this time. Why? Here are the changes that happen after the heavy rains:

The water temperature will drop significantly, remaining low until you see some sunshine Rain strips up stronger currents, which have the water turn murky, making crappie less visible Covers like fallen trees and brush piles may be destroyed from heavier rains and strong currents With that said, there is some good news to crappie fishing after rainfall. When thunderstorms occur, rains would wash small insects to the water, which can attract crappie back to shallow waters. That's why anglers also like to search for post-storm crappies, attracting schools of them!

This mostly sounds like bad news, doesn't it? It doesn't have to completely be! There are still ways to get around the issues mentioned above. Since crappie is sensitive to changes in the water, you'll simply need to adjust your fishing methods.

Here are ways you can fish for crappie after heavy rainfall


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