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When it comes to early season fishing opportunities, few things are better than spring crappie action! For anglers of all ages, the bobber going down and thoughts of a fantastic meal never gets old. 

While spring crappie fishing is relativity simple — you are hunting moving targets. And crappies move a lot during this time frame. 

Good spring fishing can start as soon as the ice leaves the lake. Finding them is a big part of the equation and that depends on a lot of variables. Locationally, man-made channels are good places to start the search. After that, shallow weed bays with bulrushes or developing weed beds are good options. 

A lot of good crappie fishing also revolves around consistent weather. Warming trends draws fish in, while cold fronts push them out. One day they’re loaded; the next day, they’re gone with the wind. 

Let’s join Al Lindner and Ty Sjodin with more insight into finding and catching one of North America’s favorite fish: The Crappie.

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